Kiddo Update #MomDiaries

It’s been a minute since I’ve written an update post on the diva that is Miss S and I honestly which I could do it more often.
TLY_Sanya32m_1 TLY_Sanya32m_3 TLY_Sanya32m_7
She’s a handful for sure (like any toddler) but I always remind myself that when the days seem long, the years are short!  I want to look back and have pictures, words & memories to remind myself (and her and the hubz) of all the hilariousness, repetitive repetition (lol), craziness, hectic and innocence of this time.
TLY_Sanya32m_4 TLY_Sanya32m_9 TLY_Sanya32m_2 TLY_Sanya32m_6
So without further ado here is Miss S’s almost 32 month update:
Favourite Food:
Jam, Chicken McNuggets and Fries, Ikea kids breakfast (egg, sausage and like 3.5 pieces of toast),  Potatoes (preferably some fried form, lol), Apples, cupcakes, Vanilla cake and icing
Favourite Activity:
Water colour painting, Messy Painting (using acrylic paints), using markers, sticking stickers on ANYTHING, helping daddy make fish for dinner, playing doctor (checking our heartbeat and giving us shots/bandaids), feeding us from her pretend play kitchen/play food, doing puzzles, making towers from lego/duplo, face timing anyone (lol),  playing with her older cousin brother and she loves singing songs along with me (12 days of Christmas, Let it go etc) and I love when she attempts to harmonize with me :)
Funny Sayings:
  • For some reason, when there is a U in a word or sentence she makes it LU (pronounced “leeww”) and it’s the most endearing
  • Silly momma, silly gooses
  • When she sings the alphabet and she gets to the last verse “double u, x, y and z, noooooow my mommy ABC, next time won’t you sing with me”
  • After she sings jingle bells….”watch the wataa boom boom” #DontAsk
  • “Not anyting” which usually means nothing LOL

29 month kiddo update

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on my toddler.  She’s 29 months (or as I usually say 2 and a half in December).  I’ve mentioned this a few times but I love Love LOVE reading mom bloggers write updates about their kiddos.  It’s the modern day baby journal but here’s hoping she doesn’t hate me when she’s older and find these posts :$


We obviously have a few lovey-dovey names for Miss S: San-jaan, San, Sani, Sanu-Manu.  But she ALWAYS corrects us and tells us what her name really is LOL!
Funny things she says:
Mouth is Moup
Small is Spaal
Clock is Cayock
How she counts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 13 :)
Pretends to understand EVERYTHING we tell her “yeaaahhh” or “ooooh”
She always corrects people when they ask her about daycare “noo peeeskoool”
She is constantly asking us what we are talking about (freaks me out a bit because I can’t not tell her especially if we are talking in the car or a dinner)
Her favourite food:
Jam and toast, Spaghetti and meat sauce, Egg whites, Parantha (pronti), daal, panner, channe (I think she’s going through an indian food phase), most breakfast foods (except french toast)
Her favourite activity: 
Taking care of her baby dolls, reading books, playing doctor, playing with her friends (or so she tells us), not sharing her toys (see what I mean), eating breakfast for dinner, “reading” books herself or being read to.

Toddler Update

Although out little miss turned two just over a month ago, I’ve been promising myself that I would share some of her updates. Even though I struggle with how much to share/document each moment vs savouring the present – I love reading the stories other moms share about their littles.  Reading those stories and blog posts for me it’s both an inspiration (wow so much to look forward to) and a sigh of relief (I’m not alone)!!   I wonder what moms/families did before mom blogs :P


Purple is this girls JAAAMMM.  Her eyes light up and her whole self just gravitates to the colour.  It’s is so awesome to see her personality peaking through as she reached toddlerhood.


My little beach babe LOVED the beach and sand – so much so she’s actually ate the sand (or atleast attempted to — TWICE!)
Blanket | Sand Toys 


Twinning with my homegirl!  It’s actually been super fun to dress her.  She is pretty easy going other than when she sees something purple in her closet – then all bets are off on what I select.


Someone is serious about their painting at the Children’s Museum!  I am grateful I found my creative mind in adulthood but I have been definitely nurturing her creative soul from as early as I could and she showed interest. #CraftMom :P


Fav food hands bound is “Water-yemon”.  If I haven’t said it before. LOL


She’s legit been through 3 pairs of the kiddie nike free runs.  I love them for her because their are flexible and comfy.

Do you read mom blogs?  What do you think of sharing baby / toddler updates on blogs?

Bath Time #MotherhoodHack


I have been known to keep Miss S in there till she’s prune-naay.  It’s a great way to keep the kiddo occupied – especially on the evenings when I am on my own for night duty.


Live Clean smells delicious!  And her skin is incredibly soft (although I am sure I over moisturize her :P)


Don’t get me wrong, there are days where she goes to the park three evenings in a row, follows bugs aka “spida-mans” for 40 minutes, probably eats sand or a leaf (thinking it’s spinach – even though she doesn’t eat spinach), slathered in  sun block with no bath in site – until Sunday evening before the week begins again #LazyMomAlert.

So I feel no shame in letting her have 30 minute baths when I need it to r.e.l.a.x :)


Any other moms out there take full advantage of a bubble bath?  

A little #DocumentLife post for ya



Had a busy week and weekend so wasn’t able to get another post in until now.  So what I am up to?  Watching the baby monitor, #SB50 playing in the background, pretending I don’t see Miss S’ play area as a disaster zone, finishing up some laundry and doing some SQL tutorials via Khan Academy

Miss S has a cold and an eye infection so she’s been fussy and more of a handful the last few days.  Surprisingly, I was able to take her to my friends baby shower (which I just read online is bad etiquette :S), grocery shopping and then for a little play gym time.  She’s a little baby and a little lady all in one.  She’s putting 2-3 words together, a pro at eating cereal (often asking for seconds or thirds), she listens with intent (not sure she understands everything), “cooks us meals” in her play kitchen, calls the valentines decorations I’ve put up around the house “mamma niiiishh”, is now repeating colours, numbers (with more clarity) and the letters of her name if we spell it out (#ThankYouDaycare) and uses her voice when she’s bothered (mind your she still needs to reminded to be gentle).
Watching her grow and develop is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  I am starting to understand why parents in general say that their kids are their greatest accomplishments.

I know the subject of this post has nothing to do with the pictures posted but I just wanted to remind myself that as I need to enjoy and celebrate my daughter (I always think I need to “document” what she does because I have a terrible memory) I also must not lose my sense of self and take time to do things that make me happy (adult only lunches #ThankYouGrandparents, cocktails, cute accessories, learn something and be creative).

Have a great week everyone!