Some more notes on meal planning


So we are just over mid way through the week (I’ll be honest I started writing this post on Tuesday Evening and it’s now Thursday Morning) and I wanted to check in with my meal planning status.  As mentioned before – I am trying to get into good habits because March 2018 it’s GO time.


This is the plan I had for the week and what I prepared on the weekend. #ThankGoodnessForGoogleSheets


And this is how it’s gone so far.  As you can see things changed which is OK!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 9.36.23 AM

Okay so first thing, my in laws dropped off some food for us so I didn’t have to take out the food from the freezer (aka the slow cooker Daal).

Secondly, I didn’t make the bread loaf pan omelette yet (although I plan to this evening – which I did yesterday).

Thirdly, having food cooked (that isn’t necessarily a meal) but that can be put together as a meal is awesome!  I had steamed some broccoli, peas and carrots and put that in a salad (with quinoa and other uncooked/raw veggies) for lunch!

Fourth, I love that I am not actually making food during the day (especially as I am on Mat Leave).  Just having to heat up food is so convenient – and knowing that its home made makes my heart smile.  My freezer pasta is something I’ll need to freeze on the weekend but I’ve realized that it needs to thaw on the counter during the day and be cooked the night before we want to eat it (I won’t have enough time to cook it the night of).

And lastly, fifth, having options is incredible especially when there are picky eaters.  I won’t go into this much but it’s much easier (aka we can avoid dinner time tantrums) when I offer a choice.  “San, do you want this with this or that”, “ummm I’ll have this with this”.  It gives up some of the control and makes my kiddo feel important (which she is OBVIOUSLY!)

Other than that, I just have to work on the snacks portion of my meal prepping. Although I have some ideas (this bean dip, these pancakes/chewy “cookies”, and even this granola with a cup of non dairy milk) I haven’t actually prepped them.


Yep – I totally used an old pasta sauce jar as my “mason jar” but they can also be purchased in bulk too!

Breakfast Burritos #FrozenMealPrep

A while back, I had decided that I would do some meal prep in preparation of our new adventure (aka adding another kiddo to the mix).

I think it was a bit of that nesting instinct coming into effect.  I literally made it into a mini project of 10-12 breakfast/lunch/dinners/snacks.  Although I didn’t do all the cooking on one weekend as I originally planned to or even have the time to make all the meals.  Thankfully we have family around to provide us with meals for the first few weeks and some of my frozen meals will come in handy afterwards.


First up was cooking, prepping and freezing Egg-Bean-Veggie-Cheese Burritos.

I pretty much cooked the eggs and the veggies, washed and seasoned the beans, then graded the cheese and chopped up some cilantro.  Then piled them high into a tortilla, rolled them up and wrapped them up to avoid any freezer burn.  You can get the detailed instructions from here (where I originally found the recipe)

The only tip I can give is use larger tortillas!   But other than that these were SUPER easy to put together (see below!)



Once frozen, you can keep in the freezer for 2-3 months.  I wrapped these babies in wax paper and then tin foil (all individually).  I made about 12 and then popped them all in a labelled freezer zip lock bag.

And when you are ready to eat, just zap them in the microwave on high for 1-2 minutes (depending on your microwave) and voila!  One handed breakfast/snack option :)