Look up [Jan 2nd 2016]


Happy New Year.  I love motivational quotes.  Thought I’d share some insights by Robin Sharma to start the new year.  You can read the full list here.

Creativity breeds amid solitude versus noise.

If world-class was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Being on time is hip. Keeping your promises is cool. Having good manners is in.

Optimism is a gorgeous contagion.

Exceptional physical fitness is a game-changer.

The illusion of safety is always more dangerous than the discomfort of innovation.

The greatest leaders build more leaders.

Life’s a series of seasons. We each have our times in the sunlight, and our days in the winters. Savor the easy runs and leverage the challenges to fuel compassion, courage, creativity and decency. All is good. The universe is a friendly place [Thanks Einstein].

Writing of gratitude in a journal allows you to relive the more beautiful parts of your life on a daily basis.

Meditation is a genius practice on your pursuit towards genius. Rewires the brain, releases serotonin and lights you all up. Do it daily.

An obsession isn’t unhealthy unless it’s an unhealthy obsession.