Paper Snowflakes #WinterActivity


We have been thoroughly enjoying some festive activities for the last week.  Every morning Miss S is on a hunt for Eddie (our elf on the shelf).  She she understands what he’s he for / what his job is and has actually shown more sass since he started visiting #ParentingFail.  None the less it’s super fun to watch her play Where’s Eddie.  Even more hilarious when we forget to hide him in a new spot the night before and are running downstairs mere seconds before she bolts down!  I think next year we willl get more pinterest-creative with how we display him :)

On a side note I’ve been making lots of paper snowflakes.   It’s an awesome activity that I am surprised I didn’t start earlier. That said – it is so much fun and completely addictive.  Best part is Miss S wants in on the fun (see her triangle shaped paper snowflake using zig-zag scissors!)

Next up: build a few gingerbread houses and bake / decorate some sugar cookies :)


Holiday #GiftGuide for HIM


Shoes | Dollar Shave Club | Belt | Mug | Hair Product | Bag

The last of my #GiftGuides and I am happy to report that I am just finishing up my shopping (and most of my gifts are wrapped!).  It feels good to be finished well in advance.  Heading out to meet my high school friends for annual Christmas gathering.

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Christmas around here…

We officially have THREE trees up in our house.  One in the family room, one on the landing going upstairs (not pictured) and one in Miss S’s room.  But now I am thinking we need a little something in our master bedroom.  Maybe some greenery and stringged lights (hope the Hubz reads this).

tly_christmasdecor3 tly_christmasdecor4 tly_christmasdecor5 tly_christmasdecor6

Hoping for another toddler crafted decoration to add to our tree this year :)


We made our visit to Santa already.  Everyone always asks if she cried – she didn’t. I think she was just in awe by this person who looks so different than anyone she’s ever seen.  She was as friendly as he could be with a stranger.  We asked her to smile for the picture and she did the funniest pursed lip smile – so grown up my little girl is.



A little sneak peak of Miss S’s toddler room…(yes I tidied up a bit :P)


…doing my best to enjoy this time of year because before we know it …it will have past by in a blur of get-togethers, yummy food and lots of fun.  Things I am looking forward to: the Christmas Market, working on my paper snowflake game, ginger bread house making and see the lights around the neighbourhood.

Toddler #GiftGuide


Piggy Bank | Balance Bike | Felt Food | Pretend Play Kitchen | Doll House | Wooden Camera | Chalkboard Laptop

Today Miss S spent the day with her maternal grandparents while the mister was out at his  LAST MBA group meeting (omg is that even real to say???).  I mentioned these ideas a few days ago, but sometimes it’s nice to let helpful and loving grand parents take over :)

I spent the day tidying the house, wrapping christmas gifts, pinnin’ meal ideas/”cozy vibes”, doing laundry, watching another SATC marathon (thanks SLICE) putting up more holiday decor (& photographing it… in the most ahhh-mazing day light!!).

Also, I thought I’d put together a cute toddler holiday #giftguide (while watching Home Alone 2!) because I know I needed a little gift inspo for Miss S this year.  Definite staples for most toys we buy her are creative, pretend play and motor skill building options (of course this doesn’t mean we don’t buy her a talking elmo or a girly purse) but I thought I’d share the most neutral options in these areas.  Enjoy!

PS: if you need any other #giftguides, be sure to check this out!

Holiday #GiftGuide For HER

This year I started my Christmas shopping a little earlier and hopefully I’ll finish before the first week to mid December (fingers crossed – including wrapping everything!).  As for our Christmas decor:  The hubz has promised he’ll put up some outdoor lights this year (after he finishes his classes this semester).  Our main tree is up along with some mantle decor, still have to put up the indoor lights, green garland on the banister, our small tree (same one we used at the condo) and this year I had Miss S decorate some foam balls to put on her mini tree in her room.  She is pretty happy to wake up and see her own christmas tree :)


Lipstick | Compact | Nailpolish | Candle | Journal | Necklace | PJs | Luxe Snood | Waterbottle

Here’s to the beginning of shopping and gifting season!  And here are some gift ideas for the ladies in your life.