Spring Book Report 2017

Although my write-ups for #CreativeConfidence were for a course I was taking, I really found that writing about what I was reading was helpful to me.  It helped me absorb what I read and kept me on track.

You can read my thoughts/learnings about the last book (Creative Confidencehere (and the book I read before that here).


I started reading Steve Jobs probably about when I was 4 months pregnant.  So I have been reading it on and off for about 7 months (wow that’s embarrassing to admit).

It took me longer I think because

  • it wasn’t something I could carry around on my commute easily (even though I did when I was 4-6 months pregnant)
  • I took two online courses (which required their own reading/studying and took away from my free time)
  • I was pretty tied up taking care of my toddler (even on weekends when the Hubz had meetings with his classmates)
  • and maybe also because I am a slow reader.

That said I had to stop reading at page 206 and return the book to the library because I had already renewed it 10 times and it was now on hold by someone else.  I do plan to finish it when I can get a hold of it again but wanted to share some of my thoughts on it so far (in no particular order).

  • Loved, LOVED reading about all the computer/technology history *adjusts nerdy glasses*
  • Steve Jobs’s admitting to the reality distortion field and how it was used to manipulate people – I honestly couldn’t believe that something like this had happened.  He seemed like genuine person and a leader in the truest sense
  • The emotional (ok over emotional) side of SJ.  I wonder if that would fly in today’s corporate world.  Even the uber innovative and creative ones.
  • Reading about the 70s (a decade I know little to nothing about, except for bell bottoms)
  • That SJ traveled to ashrams in India, learning meditation and becoming vegan (inspiring to me because I meditation and becoming vegans are goals of mine)

There were also some really great ideas shared about innovation, creativity and corporate success and how even though SJ could afford all sorts of materialistic things he chose to live in a sparecly furnished home.

As I await for my next library book to become available I plan to read this
with a friend (Think: Digital Book Club).  I will most likely go the route of sharing interesting thoughts and ideas I learn from my book on twitter (like I did with #CreativeConfidence) and doing a book report style post when I finish it.

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