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I love seeing what other mamma’s find helpful during different stages of our journey so I thought I’d add to the wealth of knowledge out there.

Mustela Maternity Cream: Although I wasn’t too concerned about the stretch marks (really it has to do with more than a cream) I really wanted a cream that smelled nice because I hate the smell of cocoa butter on myself and MORE IMPORTANTLY I really really wanted to avoid the itchy feeling you get :)  This cream was perfect.  It smelled clean and really helped with the itch factor.

Floss Picks:  Hello laziness!  This is an easy way to floss your teeth especially on those evenings when all you want to do is eat some fried chicken, ice cream and then pass out on the couch :P  Ok I didn’t really eat those things every night but passing out on the couch was my new lifestyle.

Aveeno Makeup Wipes:  Hello Laziness again!  It did an OK job (considering I normally use a foam face wash, then a cream eye make up remover) but it was good enough that I didn’t feel guilty going to bed with a full face.

Sea Salt Spray: Loved Loved LOVED this as a product and so glad I found it.  Sometimes super straight hair is too routine and it doesn’t really balance the bump.  So it was super great to have some proportion with more texture and volume in my hair.

Snoogle Pillow:  Sometimes you just need some extra support.  I mean there were nights that I didn’t want it and nights that it was the first thing I grabbed.  The hubz and kiddo also found it pretty comfy :)

Perrier Water:  I was only drinking water, milk and tea throughout my pregnancy.  And having bubbly water at the end of the day with my dinner or as a mocktail (with some muddled fruit and either basil or mint leaves) was such a nice treat!

Chocker Necklace: Another great style option that I added to my fashion look.  I didn’t buy many clothes and felt that I ended up wearing the same 10 pieces near the end.  So wearing chockers of different styles was an easy way to be on trend.

Hope this list was helpful…!
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