Photo Bucket List


I have created this Photography Bucket List to motivate me creatively and bring lively new photography content to this blog, my etsy shop and my other media channels: twitterpinterest and IG.  Have any ideas or suggestions – comment below and let me know!

  1. Hot Air balloons
  2. Planes Close up
  3. Film Camera
  4. Spinning Ferris Wheel
  5. Child Jumping in puddle
  6. Night Sky movement
  7. A celebrity
  8. Pride
  9. Panda
  10. Iceland Waterfall
  11. San Francisco Bridge
  12. Macro of a snowflake
  13. Portrait of a Geisha
  14. Under the Pier shot
  15. A lone tree in a field
  16. Self-Portrait (Tripod and remote is a must)
  17. Lightening
  18. Water drops on a spider web
  19. Toronto Christmas Fair
  20. Eiffel Tower at Night
  21. Eiffel Tower during the day
  22. Shanghai and/or Tokyo Skyline