Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 2)

Another busy weekend is over.  On Saturday I attended a dear friend’s bridal shower. I did take Miss El with me and thankfully she was on her best behaviour.  Today we celebrated a few birthdays and anniversaries on my in-laws side and then had a friend visit us and meet out littlest babe.  We winded down this evening with a glass of wine and finished watching this movie.


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Last week I was overly ambitous and ended up having to deal with rain, tendonitis and more rain, but here is how I did:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters DONE!
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes DONE: blog post in the works
  4. Work out 4 times this week 1/2 DONE: Worked out twice?
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days 1/2 Done: (3/7 days I hit 10K or more)
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal) 1/2 Done: harder than I thought
  7. Finish my EdCal for May DONE: blog post in the works
  8. Listen to more music in the house DONE: for the first few days then there was a nap strike
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book


I didn’t get everything done, but it really helped me to stay focused on things I wanted to do without letting the weather or mom duties stop me.  For instance, I started planting the tomatoes at some point in the afternoon but didn’t actually complete the task until the evening of the next day (that included photographing the process).


So here is next week’s list.  I think 10 “to-dos” is a good number so I’ll continue with that.

  1. Finish reading my book (I am only 1/4 of the way in)
  2. Decide on a bread to make (get recipe list)
  3. Hit 10k steps 5/7 days
  4. Workout 4/7 times this week (cardio, RT/ST, FR, stretch)
  5. Journal (52 lists & 5 Minute journal)
  6. Meditate
  7. Update Etsy listings with my scrabble prints
  8. Lunch & Playdate with mom friends
  9. Finish my TY cards
  10. Try a new recipe for dinner.

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