Next #TLYReads #CreativeConfidence (Ch 8)

Reading through the final chapter – the Kelley Brothers give an entire overview of the book (which kind of made me think of the book as a textbook!).  The following is my conclusion of the book.


Some of my favourite topics in the book include:

  • Normalcy is overrated
  • Empathizing with the end user is key
  • The story of the engineers (Ankit and Akshay) who developed a very successful iPad app using methodologies of rapid prototyping and feedback/testing cycles
  • Knowing that having to deal with “your fear” is part of your #CreativeConfidence journey
  • Start with an easy win when it comes to checking off your creative goals
  • Surround yourself with a creative community
  • Be a continous learner (take a class, listening a Ted talk, watch a lesson on Khan Academy)
  • Use extracurricular activities as an opportunity to flex your creative muscle (whether that time is your lunch break, weekends or after the kids go to sleep!)


Overall, this book left a great impression on me especially as I feel that I am on my creative confidence journey and many of my own experiences were described within the book.


This book is a great read for entrepreneurs, C level employees and millennial students/new joiners to the workforce as these groups of people have strong opinions about the direction of their company/work and usually want to make a greater impact on the world.  I would recommend this book to someone who feels they are not creative – but believes that the power of creativity can transform one’s task, career and or business.



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