Miss El’s ten month update

Holy $H!t – my second born is almost a YEAR old.  Okay but for now…she’s still just 10 months so time to do my monthly thang and reminisce about this month.


Sweater shirt (Similar) | Leggings (Similar) | Headband (Similar)

She’s crawling faster and faster and getting more comfy with the traditional 2 knee crawl.  Sometimes I’ll set her down on the play mat (a few steps from the kitchen sink), go to the kitchen to start working on something, I’ll look at the play mat to check on her and boom she’s at my feet.

She loves banging on things with different objects or just two objects together. Her favourite toy is a the play fork or play spoon from her sister’s kitchen.  She’s now into eating whole cheerios, crackers, peas and rye toast along with a variety of other stuff she’s still loves (I hope continues to love).  She’s really into examining screws (in toys, in the wall etc), she thinks its funny to climb into the dish washer and play the vents on the wall or on the floor like a harp.  She loves my camera (DSLR) every time she sees me with it, she comes running at it.  She makes the most hilarious monkey face (see picture above) and is always babbling away (soo many new sounds “dee dee”, “baa ba”, “pa pa”, clicking her tongue, kissy noises)!  Oh and her and her big sis love having raspberry wars YUCK!


Smock | Spoon

One of the best gifts has been seeing Miss S and El’s relationship develop.  I mean sometimes they are at each others throats but most times there is a deep bond that is flourishing.  It’s beautiful! :)


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