Miss El’s eleven month update


I know I am 5 days away from Lolo turning 1 but I wouldn’t be able to live myself if I skipped this!

I keep thinking back to this time last year.  All the braxton hicks, the wadling, the waiting (usually they say your second baby will be born gestationally earlier than your first – this was not the case for us), avoiding Miss S from kicking my belly, feeling all the kicks from the inside.  It’s surreal to think this was all just a year ago – but at the same time I am ready to move forward with ME.

Buuuutttt…. this post is for my baby – so let’s get it started!


Miss El is really into eating.  If there is anything we are eating – she wants a bite.  She’ll even eat the food that Miss S is not going to finish.

She’s got wild hair.  She’s able to take a few steps unassisted and even stand/balance on her own for 10+ seconds if she’s distracted.  She’s able to crawl on both knees now, can successfully roll both ways and pulls up on ANYTHING (aka: my PJ pants went I am cooking in the kitchen).

She’s really starting to look like a toddler these days and more and more like her sister everyday.  That said she loves her big sissy but I think also afraid of her at the same time lol.


She points and screams when she wants something.  Although we are trying really really hard to make her use baby sign “more” when she wants something.  She does it – but not consistently.

She likes being held but also loves exploring on her own.  She also likes to be in the sling. Anytime she sees me getting it ready she starts panting lol.


We are planning a super intimate 1st birthday party for her.  The planning has been pretty stress free but still has my DIY flare.  Hopefully – I’ll get some shots to share on the blog in a week or two.


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