How I plan to stay productive on Maternity Leave


Earlier this week I mentioned that staying productive during my maternity leave was a big goal for me this time around.  To me productivity means having focus, being creativity, making progress and being joyful.


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Although I know from experience, some days will be spent home bound, showerless and completely focused on our new babe – I want to make a conscious effort to do things for me.

So here is a list of things I plan to do while I am on Maternity Leave:

– BBG & Get back into Running
– Get back into my yoga practice (sun salutations)
– 100day project
– Family Dinners & Family Walks
– Library/Mommy Groups
– Journaling
– Blogging
– Set my Brand Strategy into motion
– Gravitate towards music, podcasts, Ted Talks & Books
– Brainstorming Product Ideas
– Dating my Hubz (sounds odd, but something I/we really want to do)
– Taking more Etsy photography prints
– Taking tons of family pics
– Daily goals (anything from brush my teeth to take the Go train to the city)
– Garden goals
– 2017-2018 family travel plans
– Monthly goals (accountability and breaking down resolutions and Mat Leave goals)
– Email/visit my Mentor
– Lunch dates with people who are working (hubs, parents, co-workers etc)
– Meet other mat leave moms for lunch
– Keeping up with 3 house hold tasks (dinner, laundry, dishes)
**everything else to be contracted out
– Set up and Organize up home office/work space
– Set up and Organize basement entertaining space


I set these goals as intentions.  Intentions for me and the next 11 months.  It’s me sending out a message to the universe and my future self to focus, be alert and practice mindfulness.  And overall being able to reflect on the things I wan to accomplish and how small life changes really add up to big life changes :)


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