New in #ScrabblePrints

I am probably most creatively inclined these days when it comes to designing new scrabble prints.  I find myself typing quote ideas into the notes app on my phone or into my mini moleskin so I won’t forget.  I wasn’t to happy with some of the backgrounds I had on hand so a few weeks ago the Hubz and I were running some errands and we were close to the Michael’s in our area and decided that I’d run in and get some craft paper/scrapbooking sheets.

In the past I have used images printed off my home printer and just laid the scrabble tiles on top, but I wanted something more crafty.  And so these 2 new prints were born.


This one is me in a nutshell. I can see this print for a creator/maker/etsy store owner who is constantly dreaming up new ideas.  Or even someone who is ambitious and goal oriented.  I love the background and happy with how the post processing turned out.


Just a cute 143 :) When I picked up this sheet at the store I had so many ideas pop into my head but I love you seems like a good place to start.

I plan to add these prints to my Etsy Shop within the next 2 weeks (along with the one in this post).  Hopefully you can check it out and if you like them you can make a purchase.


I also have these prints available on the shop and I am always open to doing custom scrabble prints – just make a note of it in the easy “note to seller” :)

Valentine’s Scrabble Prints on ETSY #Coupon

A new print is available on my Etsy Shop.  It’s a love inspired print for valentines!  Check back often for other valentines prints in the coming days!!


If you are purchasing any scrabble print you can use coupon code BLOGDEAL to get 10% off until Feb 14.


Because of timing, prints cannot be guaranteed to arrive before valentines :)

My Thoughts on #Blogging and #Biz


I’ve been putting a lot of effort into #BuildingMyBrand partly because I want to and partly because it is so interesting.  I really feel like doing this has been the best way to combine both my B.Eng and my MBA in a way that traditional work hasn’t been able to at this point.

That said, what exactly my brand is – may need some tweaking.   This journey is more exhilarating/exciting than anything I’ve experienced before.

By the way, this print was one of the most popular items I sold at the Vaughan of a Kind show.  Sadly there is now show this year :( but this print is always available on my Etsy Shop!

PS: Check out my new Facebook page!

Do you think building your brand is important?