Preschool Valentines Ideas

Hope everyone enjoyed valentines with their loved ones, their kids, families, lover(s), fav bottle of wine ;)

This past weekend, Miss S and I worked on preparing the valentine’s goodies for her friends at preschool.

I know when I was growing up that giving a one sided card was the norm but I wanted to do something special.  I see most of the children in her class everyday (either at drop off and pick up) and I know that Miss S really considers her classmates her friends just by how much she talks about them :)

And, taken that we didn’t do ANYTHING for Christmas (other than gifting her teachers with something special) I figured we could go a little overboard for Vday!


We packed some #AllergyFree goodie bags with pencils and stickers.  The kiddo DIYed her valentines cards by gluing (or in her words “gueing”) a few hearts onto a card that I prepared (pretty quick and easy: fold a regular printer paper and a pink construction paper 3 times to create 8 parts/cards, cut each section and then glue the white sections to the pink sections – as seen above).

The activity was a great way to practice patience (for both of us – ha!), fine motor skills and counting.  I asked her to count 3 hearts per card, then she had to practice using a glue stick (something I know loves doing lol).


Yes…we do EVERYTHING in this highchair!

The activity was a success and she really got into the grove of making her cards as she would keep asking me “who is one this for”? :)

Pinterest has some really cute valentines ideas like this, this and this.  I think these might be great I ideas for next year and to get Miss S even more involved.  (Well as long as she is still into it!)

Life Lately

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Life Lately post.  Although I am posting more frequently, I like these types of posts so I can ramble look back and remember all the random things that were going on in life at this time…

Miss S’s room is slowly coming together and by that I mean I think we are just about done decorating.  She’s loving it (we hope) and I plan on taking more pictures of (still regret not taking pictures of her nursery setup).


Another section of her room.  All the house guests are enjoying story time around the pink couch.


Some important words I’ve added to my vision board.  The 3rd last one is currently on my mind.


My FAV art gallery in the whole wide world.  Her art work has really expanded and I makes my heart swell.


Some “apologies” flowers LOL


More art work – obviously!  One of my fears is that I will say something as a parent to inadvertently crush her #CreativeConfidence.  This gives some tips for parents on how to avoid falling into this trap.

TLY_LifeLately_4 TLY_LifeLately_3

And as for me…it’s all about the top knot :)


And a few new favs that I’ve added to my night routine.  Who knew that a night routine for adults was so needed!


Christmas Day 2016

Merry Christmas!


This was by far the best Christmas to date – mainly because Miss S is so much more AWARE of everything that was happening.  We explained to her that Eddie would be leaving us on Christmas Eve and that the cookies we were putting out by the fireplace were for Santa.  She was a little sad to find that Eddie had left but was in shock when she noticed that the cookies were gone, and she even checked the mug to see if there was any milk left!


We got her a dollhouse (including furniture and a few house guests), a duplo lego set, a book and a purse.  She was pretty content and plays with her dollhouse in the morning and night.  She’s already gone out with her purse and insists on holding it even when she’s eating in her high chair.


Later in the day we went to my parents house for more gifting, lots of finger food (mini quiche, 3 cheese baked dip, meatballs, veggies and cookies) followed by Christmas dinner (including all the fixings).  We played a few games of spoons and also watched The Accountant. #FamilyTime




Of course Miss S got completely spoiled by her grandparents, Masi and Massar (aunt and uncle) – but could you expect anything less.

Gingerbread Construction Zone :)

They say that there are two season in Canada: Winter and Construction season :P  We partook in the latter by building a few gingerbread houses.


Miss S was really into this so it’s definitely a perfect toddler activity.  All you gotta do is set up the house and maybe help with the icing.  Of course toddlers have zero patience so expect some collapsing gingerbread walls :)

tly_gingerbread2 tly_gingerbread3

Someone is really into it!


Eddie out elf giving his stamp of approval


The finished product!  Hope you are enjoying these special moments with your littles!

Gingerbread House Kit | Polka Dot Top | The Elf on the Shelf 

Toddler #GiftGuide


Piggy Bank | Balance Bike | Felt Food | Pretend Play Kitchen | Doll House | Wooden Camera | Chalkboard Laptop

Today Miss S spent the day with her maternal grandparents while the mister was out at his  LAST MBA group meeting (omg is that even real to say???).  I mentioned these ideas a few days ago, but sometimes it’s nice to let helpful and loving grand parents take over :)

I spent the day tidying the house, wrapping christmas gifts, pinnin’ meal ideas/”cozy vibes”, doing laundry, watching another SATC marathon (thanks SLICE) putting up more holiday decor (& photographing it… in the most ahhh-mazing day light!!).

Also, I thought I’d put together a cute toddler holiday #giftguide (while watching Home Alone 2!) because I know I needed a little gift inspo for Miss S this year.  Definite staples for most toys we buy her are creative, pretend play and motor skill building options (of course this doesn’t mean we don’t buy her a talking elmo or a girly purse) but I thought I’d share the most neutral options in these areas.  Enjoy!

PS: if you need any other #giftguides, be sure to check this out!

Toddler Book Favs!

Like any parent with babies or toddlers in the house – we are reading a lot of books.  And some books are read over and over and over and over again.

So for us we make a lot of trips to the library (sometimes twice a week) and pick up 5-10 books at a time!

I was actually kind of surprised with the variety of books we find there.  Of course there are the silly rhyme books/tongue twisters, the books that have the best pictures, the numbers, letters, days of the week etc practice books, tons of seasonal books (teaching us about Summer or Christmas etc)

But then there are books that just fun to read (but also teach a lesson or have great pics/sound effects that are just really entertaining!)

Here is a list of our fav books of the moment!  Links to these books are below ( or


We Are Going on a Bear Hunt This was a recent buy for us (something to add to her new room) but I read all about this book online and on #MomBlogs – didn’t realize what all the fuss was about until about the 5th time I read this book.  It’s a fun read and the sound effects are addictive (Miss S loves the snowstorm sound)

Baby Be Kind
This book has been checked out at the library (and renewed) by us for what feels like 2 months.  Such a sweet book and easy to read.  PLUS the message is super important especially for kids in daycare/preschool or where they are constantly interacting with other children.

Little You
This book was gifted to us for Miss S’s 1st birthday by a dear friend.  The meaning to parents is relatable and shows your kiddo how much they mean to you.

Being Thankful
This is definitely for the older kiddo age group and it’s a longer read which might make it harder for your toddler to keep focus.  Buuuutttt the meaning is too sweet to not read several times a week. :P