Thoughts on a “Mom’s To Do” list

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Is it just me or do people/moms/females ALWAYS have running to do lists.  On our phones, in our planners, on our computer, in our heads.  I probably have anywhere from 2-10 “to do”, “to buy”, “to finish” lists at any given time.  It’s both comforting (as it makes me feel like I have it all together) and frustrating (why do my lists of things to do keep get longer LOL).  But the positive for me outweighs the negative and having to do lists are also calming and keep me organized.

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Here is an excerpt from my said #MomToDoList

  • Clean oven
  • Shave legs #RealLIfeTho
  • Face mask/Eye mask/Threading/Exfoliate
  • Finish meal prep (snacks/dinner options)
  • Finish this week’s lecture
  • Complete this week’s homework
  • Clean make up brushes
  • Finish decorating little room
  • Paint my toenails a pretty colour
  • Design the aids
  • Finish the book I am reading so I can go back to reading the autobiography
  • Plan a trip to Target (lol)
  • Dust/Mop mainfloor
  • Pick up contacts
  • Pick up herb planters, seedlings and soil


Washi Tape (Similar) | Acrylic Paints

Life Lately

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Life Lately post.  Although I am posting more frequently, I like these types of posts so I can ramble look back and remember all the random things that were going on in life at this time…

Miss S’s room is slowly coming together and by that I mean I think we are just about done decorating.  She’s loving it (we hope) and I plan on taking more pictures of (still regret not taking pictures of her nursery setup).


Another section of her room.  All the house guests are enjoying story time around the pink couch.


Some important words I’ve added to my vision board.  The 3rd last one is currently on my mind.


My FAV art gallery in the whole wide world.  Her art work has really expanded and I makes my heart swell.


Some “apologies” flowers LOL


More art work – obviously!  One of my fears is that I will say something as a parent to inadvertently crush her #CreativeConfidence.  This gives some tips for parents on how to avoid falling into this trap.

TLY_LifeLately_4 TLY_LifeLately_3

And as for me…it’s all about the top knot :)


And a few new favs that I’ve added to my night routine.  Who knew that a night routine for adults was so needed!


DIY Washi Tape Banner

I love me a DIY project.  Actually, I love me an EASY DIY project.  And it doesn’t get any easier than washi tape.


I’ve dabbled in a few DIY projects here and there although I think I really became a #DIYMom when I was planning my sister’s travel themed bridal shower.  And then solidified that title by DIY most of my daughter’s first birthday party.


I made all of the decorations on my own and although it was a ton of work it was a really rewarding from a creative perspective.

tly_washitapebanner6 tly_washitapebanner5 tly_washitapebanner4

I decided Miss S needed some dainty wall hangings to compliment her wall art and low level book shelfs.  And creating this banner was a quick and easy option.

tly_washitapebanner3 tly_washitapebanner2


  1. Choose and buy your washi tape.  I went with complimentary colours with varying designs.  Of course you can go more match-matchy or even just one colour
  2. Tape your washi tape to a length of twine suitable to where you’ll be hanging it
  3. Trim the washi tape, you can either do a simple cut like I did, or make triangles or even mini banner flags
  4. Hang your banner!


Scrabble Prints: #CustomOrder & #Discounts (Coming soon!)

After doing a craft fair, re-launching this blog and having my Etsy shop – I’ve found out this is my most popular, most purchased and most pinned print! (Thanks to Pinterest for the Analytics as well as buyer feedback).

screen-shot-Etsy-Thrulesyeux screen-shot-Pinterest-Thrulesyeux

I plan on doing some new scrabble prints to put up on Etsy as well has offer some discounts on said scrabble prints.

As always I do custom prints on scrabble (i.e.: if there is something in particular you’d like printed) let me know and I’d be happy to put something together :)


Christmas Day 2016

Merry Christmas!


This was by far the best Christmas to date – mainly because Miss S is so much more AWARE of everything that was happening.  We explained to her that Eddie would be leaving us on Christmas Eve and that the cookies we were putting out by the fireplace were for Santa.  She was a little sad to find that Eddie had left but was in shock when she noticed that the cookies were gone, and she even checked the mug to see if there was any milk left!


We got her a dollhouse (including furniture and a few house guests), a duplo lego set, a book and a purse.  She was pretty content and plays with her dollhouse in the morning and night.  She’s already gone out with her purse and insists on holding it even when she’s eating in her high chair.


Later in the day we went to my parents house for more gifting, lots of finger food (mini quiche, 3 cheese baked dip, meatballs, veggies and cookies) followed by Christmas dinner (including all the fixings).  We played a few games of spoons and also watched The Accountant. #FamilyTime




Of course Miss S got completely spoiled by her grandparents, Masi and Massar (aunt and uncle) – but could you expect anything less.

Gingerbread Construction Zone :)

They say that there are two season in Canada: Winter and Construction season :P  We partook in the latter by building a few gingerbread houses.


Miss S was really into this so it’s definitely a perfect toddler activity.  All you gotta do is set up the house and maybe help with the icing.  Of course toddlers have zero patience so expect some collapsing gingerbread walls :)

tly_gingerbread2 tly_gingerbread3

Someone is really into it!


Eddie out elf giving his stamp of approval


The finished product!  Hope you are enjoying these special moments with your littles!

Gingerbread House Kit | Polka Dot Top | The Elf on the Shelf