Being tourists in our own backyard #TorontoStaycation

TLY_TO_Staycation2018_11Double Stroller (another option) | Snowsuit | Boots | Stroller Handle Pouch

For a few weeks we’ve been meaning to get away.  Now, we are still not brave enough to go out of country without generational help – buutttt we were all in need of a few days with a change of scenery.  And for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do a staycation in the city.  So what better then to be tourists in our own backyard.


We stayed at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto.  After reading and hearing about their kid friendly amenities – we were intrigued and had to check them out for ourselves.


First stop was the CN Tower (aka CN Castle as Miss S called it).  Luckily our double stroller fit in the elevator and throughout the observation deck (even with all the renovations).  The girls thoroughly enjoyed taking in the views and eating all the snacks we had packed :P


TLY_TO_Staycation2018_4 TLY_TO_Staycation2018_2

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the scenes from above (I only got the teddy bear close to harbour front #TOicebreakers) .  I was so enthralled by the girls experience of being at CN Tower – that it slipped my mind.

TLY_TO_Staycation2018_6 TLY_TO_Staycation2018_7

We spent a good portion of our time at the hotel’s children activity centre.  This room was so entertaining.  Miss S was living her best life doing craft after craft after craft.  And Ellie loved the open space to crawl around to her hearts desire.


Jeans | Cold Shoulder Sweater

TLY_TO_Staycation2018_9 TLY_TO_Staycation2018_10

We would definitely like to return for another stay… but maybe in the summer.  With it being high season for cough and colds – we didn’t get to fully enjoy the city (honestly, we spent a lot of time checking temperatures and giving advil :S).  The hotel was very accommodating (even bring us extra blankets and a heater) plus the room service is FAST!   Definitely recommend it for families with little kids.

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