Hi, I am Bhanu – thanks for dropping by :)

Like many other bloggers – I started blogging as a creative outlet.  I’ve had several blogs since 2002.  Some public, some private and unfortunately some deleted.  My medium, purpose and topics have evolved throughout the years but the desire to blog has not changed.

As of recently, this blog has been about self discovery, goal setting and chronicling life, my interests, parenthood and my creative endeavours.  In a world of instant-everything, continuing the art of blogging has helped me focus on slow living as well as allowing me to strengthen skills in writing, observation, intention, analysis, balance and design.

What does Thru Les Yeux mean?
I chose the name because I love photography and capturing a great shot on my camera is a daily goal!  But before I point my camera, I have to see the image Thru Les Yeux (in english = through the eyes).  And this is what I know to be true about what we see:  perspective, beauty and truth is different in everyone’s eyes.

What is your background?
I am a first generation Indian-Canadian.

Do you take all of your pictures?
Yes majority are taken by me either on my smart phone or my DSLR.  Some pictures shared from family events might be taken by my husband or other family members.  If I have shared a picture from somewhere (like Pinterest) I will explicitly say so in the post.

What are your current interests:
Photography, Minimalism, Reading, Parenting, Fashion, Plant Based Meals, Social Media, Marketing, Fitness, Journaling, Goal Setting.

Did you go to school?
Yes, I graduated in 2005 from McMaster University with a degree in Software Engineering. Then in 2010 I completed an MBA from the University of Liverpool (UK).  Pursuing higher education taught me that I am ambitious, hard working and that life goals can change.

Let’s Connect:
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