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Had a busy week and weekend so wasn’t able to get another post in until now.  So what I am up to?  Watching the baby monitor, #SB50 playing in the background, pretending I don’t see Miss S’ play area as a disaster zone, finishing up some laundry and doing some SQL tutorials via Khan Academy

Miss S has a cold and an eye infection so she’s been fussy and more of a handful the last few days.  Surprisingly, I was able to take her to my friends baby shower (which I just read online is bad etiquette :S), grocery shopping and then for a little play gym time.  She’s a little baby and a little lady all in one.  She’s putting 2-3 words together, a pro at eating cereal (often asking for seconds or thirds), she listens with intent (not sure she understands everything), “cooks us meals” in her play kitchen, calls the valentines decorations I’ve put up around the house “mamma niiiishh”, is now repeating colours, numbers (with more clarity) and the letters of her name if we spell it out (#ThankYouDaycare) and uses her voice when she’s bothered (mind your she still needs to reminded to be gentle).
Watching her grow and develop is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  I am starting to understand why parents in general say that their kids are their greatest accomplishments.

I know the subject of this post has nothing to do with the pictures posted but I just wanted to remind myself that as I need to enjoy and celebrate my daughter (I always think I need to “document” what she does because I have a terrible memory) I also must not lose my sense of self and take time to do things that make me happy (adult only lunches #ThankYouGrandparents, cocktails, cute accessories, learn something and be creative).

Have a great week everyone!

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