Why I journal (and why you should too!)

I’ve had a “paper and pen” journal for about 6-7 years.  I have used a journal different things: To Do lists (or just lists of things in general) Trip Planning Photo/Post ideas Bucket Lists Gratitude/Affirmations Goals/Dreams There are other things … Continue reading

3 ways to get out of that #MomLife rut

Lately and on-and-off I’ve been in a weird funk.  I’ve be snappy and rude one minute and totally loving the next.  One minute I am a multi-tasking goddess and the next I am pissed that I have to do everything.  Also, I have a … Continue reading

35 Favourite Things #HappyBirthdayToMe

The day before yesterday was my birthday  And if you can tell by the title, I turned 35! Initially I didn’t give it a second thought, because ever since I turned 18 I realized I always have felt like I was 16 … Continue reading

A little bit of vulnerability and a lot of openness

It’s hard to believe that six months of my mat leave is already over. Well technically I’m already halfway trhrough the seventh month which leaves me with five-ish months left of maternity leave.  This blog post is just some free … Continue reading

Stop chasing the like

**I wanted to post something but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to write about.  So I’ll just do some free writing – here goes nothing. Well I can share that I listened to a podcast featuring an old friend … Continue reading

Time to buy a new planner!

Whoa it’s like Fall has already arrived! Ellie & I dropped off Miss S today at daycare (she is starting “kindegarden” today) and the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius.  Super excited to put on my vegan leather jacket and fringe scarf … Continue reading