5 ways to deal with Adversity

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Today was one of t.h.o.s.e days.  You know the day where you feel like you are drowning and the weight of the world is crushing you.  When you feel like everyone is successful achieving their goals and you are flailing and failing.  When the only thing you got done today was brush your teeth (or maybe not even that!).

Adversity, we all feel and deal with it differently.  Adversity however it is felt, can be disruptive.  It hurts because it feels like a betrayal.  But adversity ebbs and flows, so it’s really about finding ways to keep going.  Here are ways to deal with and get over adversity.

  1. See the bigger picture: That includes KNOWING you will get through this!  It helps to think about how in the past you’ve gotten through other obstacles.  How you felt after getting through them.  Something about visualizing your past successes really helps to get over the slump you feel when the negativity hits.  Consider what you are going through as a learning opportunity and keep a positive spin on the situation.  Or instead of thinking of the situation is dramatic – think of it as a copy.  These are just some ways to consider the bigger picture.
  2. Stay inspired: Everyone is inspired differently.  Some quick ways to get a boost of inspiration?  Watch a ted talk, find some inspiring quotes. following impressive or motivating people on Instagram or even reading someone else’s success story.  Finding ways to stay inspired can provide a nudge in the right direction
  3. Make a plan: The best way to deal with an obstacle is to make a plan and then act on it.  At first it is super hard to get over yourself and get out of your head but the more you able to efficiently deal with the dull feeling the quicker you’ll get out ahead of it in the future.  Run your plan of actions by a trusted contact so they can keep you accountable and check up on you.
  4. Switch your attitude to gratitude:  Honesty just grab a pen and a notebook and write down 10 things you are grateful for.   It’s a mindset switch for sure!
  5. Take care of your mind, body and soul:  That means get off social media and read a book, get some exercise or at least get outside for some fresh air, try meditating and go to the spa!  Oh…and eat that piece of cake too!

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